Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder are passionate about giving people the care they want.

In their own words:

Some people believe that once you have a life-changing illness, there’s little left.  We don’t.

We believe it’s the beginning of a new stage of life. A challenging one, true.

Our care is personal 

We start with the person as an individual with their strengths, characteristics, preferences and aspirations. Then we help them to be at the centre of the process of identifying their needs. We do this, so they’re enabled to make choices about how and when they’re supported to live their lives.

We are local

We’re in local communities across the country. We’re concentrating our resources so we can find innovative ways to support people. Offering them choices about where they can receive their care. This can be in our residential centres, day centres or day clinics, in the community or in people’s own homes.

We’re also joining up our community of supporters, shops and volunteers to make our presence stronger than its ever been before.

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