Cancer Research

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. They have saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, and survival has doubled over the past 40 years. Every day in the UK there are more than 400 people diagnosed with cancer that will survive the disease for more than 10 years thanks to research.
They fund research into more than 200 types of cancer, including the one that’s most important to you. From the most common – such as breast, bowel, lung and prostate cancers – to rare types of tumour and children’s cancers, they support groundbreaking science that benefits everyone.

They are beating cancer

Today more than 300,000 people are newly diagnosed with cancer each year. The overall cancer death rate continues to fall but cancer still causes one in four deaths every year.

Breast cancer survival rates continue to improve – these days more than three-quarters of women diagnosed will survive their disease for 10 years or more.

Lung cancer incidence rates in men have dropped by 10 per cent since the year 2000 alone. The female lung cancer rate is still increasing slightly, having risen by about 45 per cent from the mid 70s to late 80s, but only increased by around 8 per cent since the year 2000. Both these patterns reflect smoking trends of 20 to 30 years ago.

Bowel cancer survival rates have doubled since the 1970s. Now half of patients diagnosed with bowel cancer will survive their disease for at least ten years.